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Tristane Shone is severe DIY.

“A former engineering and robotics student who channeled his love of metal (the music) into unique, custom-built instruments made out of metal (the material). The results are a clusterfuck of doom, electronic and dub” – Vince Neilstein

Mostly known for his one-man industrial doom and drone metal under the guise, Author & Punisher. He recently performed at the
La Jolla Athenaeum, for the San Diego Art Prize Opening which is funded by the San Diego Visual Arts Network.
The La Jolla Athenaeum is a nonprofit membership library – devoted exclusively to music and art, has an outstanding and ever-expanding collection of books, periodicals, reference material, compact discs, videocassettes, DVDs, sheet music, and librettos. The library is open to the public five days a week-

Tristan played an unusual set for this night, titled “Mute/Gate/Dither” which involved 6 other performers including: Judith Pedroza, Marilia Maschion, Braden Diotte, Sam Lopez, Bobby Bray, and Jason Begin. Totally steam punk situation, “focused on a set of voice-modulating masks..alongside piano. The masks physically influence the performer through both electromechanical and passive means, while still maintaining a fully acoustic nature.” Black and white photos below taken by Robert MacGregor, the others I took which are of the gallery space.

Author & Punisher will be releasing a new album ‘Ursus Americanus’ -out April 24th 2012 on Seventh Rule! He will also be going on a west coast spring tour! Check out the tour dates here.