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EYEBALL BURP, is a Portland based annual art-zine, created in 2008 by artists Alex Chui and A’misa Chiu. I’m totally excited to be featured for the second time! Issue No. 7 “A survey of collage Art” is printed in in full color and is out now! Other contributing artists include: Jon Vaughn, Dunja Jankovic, Sylvia Mann, Zigendemonic Art, Norihiro Sekitani, Champ Champ Champoy, Albane Simon, Alex Chiu, Dase DaseDase, Buggle Sweet, Hyo Davis, Kevin Cheah, Emily Rabinowitz, A’misa Chiu, Alain Marciano.

Below are the images I contributed:
“In An Expression of the Inexpressible”
-paper collage

“Silk Cuffs”
-mixed media:
sewn silk, various color pigments


In the back of Hunt & Gather we have a callejón or little alley. Perfect for making a mess, so I’ve gotten into tie-dying silk. The silk blouse or shirt is a perfect candidate for this process: clean lines and very absorbent. We’ve done two batches by now, the first was about ten items and the second about 25. The images below are examples of what has been created. Originally the blouse on the left was completely white, which is the best to work with with consideration to the brightness of color. My favorite part of this process is the un-doing of the rubberbands. The contrast of color becomes visible. Aside from the change in color, myself and Zoe Crenshaw have been making alterations on these pieces; taking off sleeves, adding studs, creating new hem lines- in other words, putting a modern twist on basic shapes. Each one is unique, this style available and made for both men and women.

The image to the right is my first successful tie-dye on silk (and has already been sold). The necklace is made out of Tagua nuts which are seeds from a palm tree that is typically found in northern South America. We have a variety of hand-made jewelry at the shop. My co-worker Jess Lambard, is the designer of the jewelry line Found Pieces, which focuses on re-purposing anything from rattle snake vertebrae, rat skulls, turquoise, quartz and leather which are then made into wear-able pieces.

Hunt & Gather is open from 11-7 Sunday thru Thurday and 11-9 on Friday and Saturday. We currentley have pre-sale tickets for the 16 year anniversary celebration of SIESTA FIESTA BOAT PARTY! happening this Saturday, October 6th. Check out this line-up!!! DOC MARTIN [Sublevel/LA], SOLAR [Sunset/SF], JOE BICKLE [Animal Club/LA], JENILUV [Making Shapes/LA], CHUY FRESNO [Art of Sound/SD], PAUL NAJERA [Lost & Sound/SD], CRIS HERRERA [Art of Sound/SD].

Winter photo shoot, photographed by, Alex Kacha