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EYEBALL BURP, is a Portland based annual art-zine, created in 2008 by artists Alex Chui and A’misa Chiu. I’m totally excited to be featured for the second time! Issue No. 7 “A survey of collage Art” is printed in in full color and is out now! Other contributing artists include: Jon Vaughn, Dunja Jankovic, Sylvia Mann, Zigendemonic Art, Norihiro Sekitani, Champ Champ Champoy, Albane Simon, Alex Chiu, Dase DaseDase, Buggle Sweet, Hyo Davis, Kevin Cheah, Emily Rabinowitz, A’misa Chiu, Alain Marciano.

Below are the images I contributed:
“In An Expression of the Inexpressible”
-paper collage

“Silk Cuffs”
-mixed media:
sewn silk, various color pigments


Flier by Raul Garcia.
-Special thanks to Wink for setting everything up!

Sounds by:
Dr. Indulgent // Moonshake [San Diego]
Ego War // Cabin Fever [Tijuana, Mx]
Mnstrpsy // Makeout Weird [San Diego]

Graphic Art by:
1LLUM1N471 PR1NC355 [Mexico City]

Photo Roaming by:

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