CLUB PURPLE performers include: Miss Lady D, Monsterpussy [Makeout Weird/SD], Saul Q [SQZMYLMNS/SD], Da Perv [SD], Punk Bunny [LA], Microphone Mike [SD], Halloween Swimteam [LA], Dr. Indulgent [Moonshake/SD], Kid Wonder, Total Freedom [Mustache Mondays/LA], Nguzunguzu [LA], Rchrd OH?! [BIG STEREO], Ego War [Raul Garcia],Sex Mannequin [SD], Dj Miss Famemiss [Palm Springs], Scarlett Casanova [HTDJ’s/LA], DJ Dia Becker [Club NME & Club Underground/LA ], and Leg Lifters [SD], Miss Toats [Disco Dust], Donkey Show [TJ], Maurice de la Falaise [LA], Disque DJ [Mexico City] and Dazzla [Moonshake/SD], Nude Boy [SD], The Dancing Strangers [Tijuana], Bitter Sober [SD] and Carla Morrison [Tecate,MX], Juan Datta [SF], Dani Shivers [TJ], and Kim Ann Foxman [Hercules and Love Affair/NYC].

Visual projections by Array Light Orchestra [ALO], Mono Mono [SD] and Rick the Heretic [Tijuana], Mnstrpsy.

Photography and documentation by Missi Sampson, Style Shark, Derrik Chinn, Pablo Stanley.

DJ MONSTERPUSSY was formed out of CLUB PURPLE which was created by MISS LADY D (MLD) in 2008. CLUB PURPLE had it’s start at the late Radio Room in San Diego. After one year we moved locations to The Flame , located between two popular neighborhoods, Hillcrest and North Park. An excellent venue with beautiful interior, ideal for art expositions (curated by Monsterpussy). Combining wild dance parties and local art created a fresh, interesting and playful vibe. Around this same time (October 2009) we decided to go south of the border and to take over Tijuana! La Mezcalera, ideally located on 6TA (sixth street) and Revolución Avenue also known as the heart of the downtown Tijuana club scene. Both events were hosted monthly and CP was gaining momentum more than ever!

It was later this year when Miss Lady D received very exciting news of new life growing, on New Years eve on 2009 she discovered she was pregnant! So during this time we took a break from the mezcal, dance parties till dawn and the club scene. Many changes occured durring this nine month period. MLD moved to back to Tijuana and I began hosting a new night at Kadan Club in San Diego, called 6.4 = Makeout (an homage to Gary Wilson ) which later morphed into Makeout Weird and shortly moved locations to Whistle Stop Bar.

It was about a year before CP made any dates with the first comeback in the amazing city of San Francisco. Hosted by Tabour Place at The Triple Crown. Shortly after that CP was at in again, back in Tijuana at Don Loope Cantina, which is also located on 6TA. This event happened Friday, May 20th 2011 – and featured Dj sets by: Kim Ann Foxman (Hercules and Love Affair), Total Freedom, and Miss Lady D.

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