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-April 2013-
“Weekend No. 1 of Coachella has passed, and I, for one, had no interest in attending. Two of my all-time favorite bands, Blur and The Stone Roses, are headliners; and even so, I gave a firm “hell no” to anyone who asked if I would attend. I go into a Woody Allen level of neurosis over the potential for stampede and the grossness of available port-a-potties. I think I’ll just stick around town and catch one of these acts playing here in San Diego.

Fluxx (500 Fourth Ave., Downtown) is usually the place to be if you want to catch acts like Lil Kim or dub step DJs attempting to melt your brain with their sick beats. However, on Wednesday, April 17, the club’s booking agent stepped up their game by putting The Faint, the Saddle Creek Records indie-rockers with a penchant for dark, grimy dance riffs, on the bill. Having seen them live, I assure you itíll be a sweaty good time minus the passing out in a random person’s tent. Tickets are $20 and available at

For a cheaper night of cool music, bring a crisp fiver to El Dorado (1030 Broadway, Downtown) to check out live sets by Tropical Popsicle, Buddy Banter, Church Hustlers and others. There’ll also be strange, surrealist art from Jimmy Ovadia on display. Just leave the LSD-dropping to the girls in denim coochie cutters crying as The Postal Service play their set in Indio.

lazerpunk But if you’re just dying to trip out on some strange tunage, go to the final installment of Makeout Weird at Whistle Stop Bar (2236 Fern St. in South Park). For three years, the club night, presented by The Locust’s Bobby Bray and Heather Brosché, has brought cool, off-kilter experimental noisemakers, visual art, live bands and DJs to the people. For their last event, MW will present Mexicali dance punks Maniqui Lazer, Lee Reynolds, Mark E. Quark, Mnstrpsy (Brosché’s DJ / artist alter ego) and others. Expand your mind and say goodbye to this rad night.”

Alex Zaragoza (San Diego CityBeat)


-April 2013-
“Three years ago, a rare and mystical union of Weird was forged between two entities known as Monsterpussy and Freak Sauce.
Like a modern day Megazord, they fused together to form a formidable beast that was greater than the sum of its individual components.

Freakmonsterpussysauce is a post-alles prototype of DJ/instigator Heather Brosche, who previously co-curated the transborder dance party Club Purple, and hyper-dimensional musico Bobby Bray, a mad scientist with a heart of Zandarian gold better known for his work with bands such as Innerds, Holy Molar, and The Locust.

With Freakmonsterpussysauce at the helm, Makeout Weird – a monthly art and music installation at the Whistle Stop – embraced the odd fringes of borderland and beyond with shows from the likes of Mexicali swinewave noisepig Tron, four-eyed freakers Hot Nerds, cinematic art metal outfit Kata, and many more.

The night even spawned its own namesake beverage, The Weird Güero – a White Russian with a Mexican twist (yep, horchata).

“Right now, there are a lot of freaks moving in, and the ones that have been here are getting freakier,” Bray told the Reader last April.

“We’re at a weird peak and, unintentionally, Makeout Weird was birthed at the right time.”

It was a prolonged reach-around of unrivaled proportions, and for a minute there it felt like the sonic tryst could have lasted forever, but – for better or worse – the duo recently announced that Thursday, April 18 will be the final installment of Makeout Weird as both focus on other projects.

Headliners Maniqui Lazer put Mexicali’s then-bustling experimental punk/hardcore scene on the map with their April 2006 debut I Learn Everything on TV.”

Chad Deal (San Diego Reader)


-January 2013-
“Makeout Weird is a great place to bring a first date,” Monsterpussy, co-host of the eclectic monthly event at Whistle Stop Bar (2236 Fern Street – South Park), told The Reader last April.

This Thursday, January 17, Tijuana doom-folk troubadour Late Nite Howl will be on hand to facilitate the strange love.

A solo project of All My Friends music festival organizer Pablo Dodero, Late Nite Howl evokes Syd Barrett circa Madcap Laughs, a minimalist Nick Drake, and the more haunting aspects of Mark Kozelek.

Local trio Dead Animal Mod (members of California Bleeding) fuse the heavy, unrefined textures of the early ‘80s Touch and Go roster with spasmodic outbursts, time-bending polyrhythms, and screeching space outs to forge a wall of no wave noise all their own.

“Dead Animal Mod are part of a secret underground of San Diego,” writes Makeout Weird co-host Freak Sauce.

“They gather in their secret Sherman Heights bunker and decipher hidden innate patterns revealing primal psychological truths via sound! Too often our ability to discover these elusive complex patterns is washed away by day to day contemporary life in western societies, but Dead Animal Mod finds, documents, and presents them live and in person!”

Resident DJs Mnstrpsy and Freak Sauce will command the decks along with guest DJ Xavier V, the former technical director for KPBS’s The Lounge, head of Studio 6608, and host of web radio aXiom sound system.

Makeout Weird’s monthly art installment features work by Yerrie Choo and Ego War and jewelry by The Serene Collection.

Thursday also marks the return of Makeout Weird’s signature drink, the Weird Güero – a White Russian with a Mexican twist.

No cover, forever.”
Chad Deal (San Diego Reader)

-May 2012-
“PLAN A: Corona Lite, DJs Ego War, Mnstrpsy @ Whistle Stop. Don’t be surprised if Corona Lite frontman Skylar spends the whole night lounging in a hammock, sipping Coronas and screwing around on a toy Casio keyboard. Like something out of a Christopher Guest film, this satirical “chillwave” project pokes fun at the trendy micro-genre in the chillest way possible.”

Peter Holslin (San Diego CityBeat)


-April 2012-
“San Diego’s experimental scene has an ebb and flow, says Bobby Bray, co-curator of the Makeout Weird experimental/dance/punk monthly at Whistle Stop.

“Right now, there are a lot of freaks moving in, and the ones that have been here are getting freakier,” says Bray, a Reader contributor and ambassador of San Diego weird via exploratory outfits such as The Locust, Holy Molar, and now, Innerds.

“We’re at a weird peak and, unintentionally, Makeout Weird was birthed at the right time.”

Bray’s partner Heather Brosché aka Monsterpussy felt the first contractions of Makeout Weird two years ago, when her Club Purple accomplice Diana “Miss Lady D” Reyes took a maternity leave from curating the TJ/SD dance party.
At that time, Brosché called the night 6.4 = Makeout (an homage to San Diego via New York proto-New Waver Gary Wilson) and held it at Kadan, where she also tended bar.
A few months later, the event moved to Whistle Stop and Bray, one of the monthly’s first featured musicians, took on the alias Freak Sauce to co-curate the rechristened Makeout Weird.

“Monsterpussy invited me to DJ the first 6.4 = Makeout, so she also gave birth to Freak Sauce,” says Bray. “When it comes to Makeout Weird, I consider myself Mr. Monsterpussy.”

Mr. and Mrs. Monsterpussy have since been “keeping the krunk in punk” by showcasing the fringes of experimental and electronic music with trans -border (Tijuanese DJ Ego War is a staple) and -gender acts including Nicey Nice World, DJ femmeDisturbance, Pal&Drome, Tron, Batwings, Christwaves, Therapist, Hot Nerds, Author and Punisher, Bumbklaatt, and Monochromacy.

“Makeout Weird is a great place to bring a first date,” says Brosché, a Chula Vista native.

“The awkward, insane moments are perfect for filling in those times when you don’t know what to say. On one of the first nights, there was an elderly couple making out in the corner for over an hour.”

But impromptu old people passion is only one layer of weird, Bobby explains:

“There are several layers of weird. First, Makeout Weird is an outlet for the subculture within the subculture – the tech savvy shut-ins and avant garde DJs within the subculture. The next layer of weird is trying to combine the efforts of the experimental DJ and band world with the academic layer of UCSD.”

“There are a lot of weird things going on there,” he adds.

Having recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts program, Bray became aware of what he calls “a secret bubble” of technology, visual arts, and music at the University.

“These new media artists are changing the world of art and music,” says Bray, “but it’s on the high ivory tower of UCSD. It’s in a bubble. So Makeout Weird is trying to help bridge the gap between their road and the others, which are all equally distant from the mainstream.”

In accord with the event’s provocative title, another layer to Makeout Weird is “human sexuality and affection,” Brosché says. “We encourage it here, when it’s reciprocated that is.”

Free to the 21+ public every third Thursday, each installation includes a featured visual artist and unique video loops made by Monsterpussy and Freak Sauce.

“The visual aspect behind the performer is so important,” says Brosché. “I’d like to see it become a regular thing everywhere.”

“I’ve been making a series of TV sitcom dance scenes,” says Bray. “There are these archetypal elements in all of them. There’s always an overly sexual dance move and, more times than not, a dance circle. The idea is to bridge a super experimental music scene where there’s chaos – things are breaking, someone’s covering themselves in blood wearing a pig mask – with a scene that people can dance in. We especially encourage really freaky dancing.”

Spotlighting Makeout Weird’s emphasis on visual arts (Brosché asserts that in 2012 “a digital projector is just as important as a PA”), the event’s two-year anniversary party this Thursday (April 19) will see the Whistle Stop transformed with 3D real-time projections on four screens and genre-defying music pumped live through quadrophonic sound.

Performer Penis Hickey (Clint McCallum of Aquapuke), future beatmaker Mike Gao, and VJ/DJ CutMod (Will Michaelson) all have ties to UCSD, while the surround set-up is largely the work of USCD student Vertighost (Cameron Bailey).

“The performers embody a bridge between evolving new media in academia (UCSD) and down and dirty experimental performance in the real world,” says Bray.

“The night will feature circuit bent electronics as a real-time control for video, cymatics demonstrations in 3D, crazy break beat audio/video performance (think Aphex Twin on psychedelics), and sound suits as instruments for spacialization.”

The night will also feature performances from Leah Bowden (Red Fish Blue Fish), Blaise Garza (saxophonist for the Violent Femmes), Ryan Legge, Monsterpussy, and Bobby Bray.

Bray’s fellow Locust Gabe Serbian will install this month’s art exhibit – a collection of portraits from Koby’s Swap Meet that include “a family dressed in all white, gangsters posing with guns, sexy situations, and interesting hairdos in the early 80′s.”

The night will also see the debut of the Whistle Stop’s new specialty drink, The Weird Güero – a White Russian with a Mexican twist.

“Makeout Weird has gained a lot of interest, which we didn’t expect to happen,” Bray says. “It’s a sign of where San Diego subculture is, and is going. San Diego is ready for something weirder.”

Chad Deal (San Diego The Reader)

-February 2012-
“Aside from all of the fantastic live shows, a few events on my radar include Makeout Weird at The Whistle Stop, Le Spank at The Office and Liquid Geometry at The Kava Lounge. Makeout Weird happens every third Thursday at The Whistle Stop in South Park and what caught my eye is that Devfits will be there. Devfits is Rob Crow (who you probably know best from the band Pinback). He’ll be doing Devo/Misfits mash-ups while wearing a DIY duct tape ensemble and interacting with video he created with his son. Sounds wild, huh? Bob Dazzla will also be in the DJ booth. He is one of the three amigos who are responsible for Moonshake. This month also sees the return of Ego War bringing his TJ-style club vibe to the Whistle and resident DJ Mnstrpsy will be laying down her experimental dance into the night. Plus, artwork by Chalon Pires and Raul Garcia. Makeout Weird is a free event and you can get details here.”
Robin Roth  (NBC San Diego)


-September 2011-
“’We’re a bunch of positive people playing dark stuff’ says Demetrius Antuna (vox, guitar) of the 9-piece cinematic art metal band Kata.

‘It’s a release. A way to get it out. Something about darkness feels good in sound and visuals. Positivity is great in life, but it really moves you more when it has a dark edge.’

‘Demetrius and I are the same in that respect,’ says Matthew Baker (vox, piano, guitar). ‘I’m endlessly optimistic, but darkness is a good release. Some people release it by becoming a serial killer. We release it through music.’

‘I went through a very bad sickness and thought I was going to die,’ Antuna says. ‘I became very positive and read all this self-help stuff that said not to watch horror movies. But for some reason, I can’t leave it alone. Sometimes I think touching on the dark side of things is a means of connecting with something beyond.’

Kata has played around 14 shows over the past year-and-a-half and found that the logistical challenges of facilitating a 9-member band (which has included members past and present of Ilya, The Locust, Goodbye Blue Monday, Get Your Death On, Manuok, Hot Nerds, Hostile Combover, the Dropscience, Aleph Research, and ‘half of San Diego’) are not few.

‘We have a hard time finding a venue that fits us,’ Antuna says over a beer at Toronado in North Park. ‘Touring would be difficult. We would need three vans! Hey, if anyone wants to pay for us to tour, we’ll do it.’

The band, which their Facebook page describes as ‘Godspeed You! Black Emperor meets Neurosis-esque epic doom,’ consists of two drummers (currently Ben Johnson [Hostile Comb-over, The Long and Short of it] and Lance LaFave [Skydiver]), guitars, bass, keys, three vocalists, violin, and two cellos.

Look for more on Kata in an upcoming Blurt.

In the meantime, dabble in the darkness tomorrow night at the Whistle Stop, when Moonshake DJs Dr. Indulgent and Bob Dazzla will be guest curating the monthly Makeout Weird with art by ARPed and Tasty Reign.

Makeout Weird hosts Monsterpussy and Freak Sauce (Bobby Bray [Innerds]) will be in Santa Ana on the tail end of a West Coast tour with Upsilon Acrux and 2Up, but they’ll be back at the Tower Bar on Friday joined by local experimentalist Randy Chiurazzi.

Commence with the awesome.”
Chad Deal (San Diego The Reader)

-January 2011-
“Go strange every third Thursday with Makeout Weird, an experimental/dance/punk night hosted by Heather Brosche (aka Monsterpussy), who produces original video for each event. December’s edition saw Author & Punisher (Tristan Shone) perform industrial doom metal on a custom fabricated Gigerpunk apparatus of knobs, pedals, sliders, and pounders.”
Chad Deal (San Diego The Reader)


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