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Makeout Weird was a monthly art-music installation that happened from April 2010 thru April 2013 at the Whistle Stop Bar in South Park, San Diego- curated by freakmonsterpussysauce: Heather Brosche and Bobby Bray. Concept: A forum for presentation of the new, an environment open to everybody without a cover charge.

– Cross subcultural visual art, live music, dance, and video – Local artists, bands, djs, inventors, professors, and experimentalists – Modern day Fluxus, Post Dada, Electro, Post Hardcore, Queer-Hard, Avant-Hard and Nu-Disco.

Performers include: Innerds, Author & Punisher, Aqua Puke, Bumbklaatt, Hot Nerds, Say When, F.U.Z.Z, Sludge Butt, Batwings, mw.logo The Night Rocker, Addiquit, Christwaves, The Natives, Colony, Vegetarian Werewolf, Riververb, Bill Wesley, Monochromacy, Randi Chuirazzi, Kata, EVERYTHING IS UP, Prov-i-Dance, THErapist, California Bleeding, Valley Om, TRON (Mexicali, MX), Pal & Drome, Sean Francis Conway, Nicey Nice World, gEars, Devfits, Patrick Hadley, Shades McCool, Marcelo Radulovich, Bobby Bray, Vertighost, Penis Hickey, Blaise Garza, CutMod, Corona Lite, wOrkfOrce, The Bitwise Operators, Tar Halos, Smooth Badger, Orooso Gahbda & Ricar Dough, Nothingful, ANA/, Micha Cardenas, Dead Animal Mod, Ogd_S(11)TranslationHasFailed, Late Nite Howl (Tijuana, MX), O.P.P., Dancing Strangers (Tijuana, MX), Machino (Tijuana, MX), Maniqui Lazer (Mexicali, MX).

DJ sets: Mnstrpsy, Disc Jockey Pants, Platinum Puke, RCHRD OH?!, Jeff Graves, Raw Moans, Ego War, Freak Sauce, Sol Tonic, Ana Brown, HEbnasty, elle.mermaid, femmedisturbance, Wicked Styles, Lee Reynolds, Bob Dazzla, Mike Gao, Dr. Woo, Mike Delgado, Sam Lopez, Jon Doss, bILLA, Xavier V, Mark E. Quark.

Artists Include: Missi Sampson, Kandice Guzman, Ana Brown, Deena Ensworth, Amber Treadway, Randi Chuirazzi, Mina Rahnema, Nocomply, Shayna Why, Manvi Singh, Acamonchi, Gil Dominguez, Chris Coroner, Eileen Rubio, Collen Marbles, Leroy Davis, ARPed, Tasty Reigns, Adam Moyes, Ryan Severance, Jfre Coad, Annie Perkins, Frank Melendez, Anna Zappoli, Sarah Brown, Zack Wentz, Shelby Wentz, Chalon Pires, Raul Garcia, Gabe Serbian, Dylan Levi Wilde, Pablo Stanley, Stephanie Lie, The Periscope Project, Timbre Polymita, Jeff Winterberg, Hill Young, Josh Quon, Anonymous Pussy Riot, Maisy May, Yerrie Choo, Invisible God.

Projections and/or video by: Array Light Orchestra, Mnstrpsy, Elle Mehrmand, Micha Cardenas, Michael Trigillio, Bobby Bray, Amanda Toillion, Jason Soares, Rob Crow, Marcelo Radulovich, Ryan Legge, CutMod, Verighost, Kenny King, Skylar Hustead, wOrkFOrce, Craig Oliver, Raul Garcia.

Video documentation and/or photography by: Cari Veach, Pablo Stanley, Barrio Video Productions, Xavier Vasquez, Titanium Exposure (Chris Woo), Vito Di Stefano, Raul Garcia, Eric Hamdan, Missi Sampson, Mnstrpsy, Bobby Bray.

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2 responses to “MAKEOUT WEIRD

  1. Monsterpussy knows how to throw a party. I told her that last nite. And I also was not being loose lipped when I said it, even. We had the best time performing there.

    Jim Call – Nicey Nice World

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