Array Light Orchestra (ALO) is a psychedelic collective light orchestra, created by Bill Wesley in 1967. In the beginning Bill did light shows for acts such as Moloch, Blue Cheer and Space Opera. A more recent list from the 2000’s is noted in the text below. This unique set-up consists of two slide projectors and the images created are from Wesley’s collection of hand painted glass, plastic, over thirty asymmetrical hand-made original kaleidoscopes, cardboard cut-outs, and other found objects. ALO members include: Bill Wesley, Rick Gatlin, Heather Brosche, Joseph Vorachack, Josh Day, Chris Coroner.

ALO has performed with: Zack Hill, Gary Wilson, Patrick Hadley, Yourself Presents, Aids Wolf, Sexual Big Bird, Anasazis, American Gil, The Gladstone Bags, Notorious F.A.G., Fantastic Magic, Japanese Sunday, Kawabata Makoto, Antarticans, Vaginals, Howard & Diane Anshel, Somebody Else, Mark Lewis, Bill Wesley, Scarlet Symphony, BRAAIINS, Heavy Hawaii, Tainonegro & Tirawa Panther 13, Volts, Spirit Photography, XYX, BULBS, Bobb Bruno, Jeans Wilder, Miss Lady D, The Preteens, The Night Rocker, Alan Silva and The Cosmic Originals, Indian Camp…

Examples of Bill using the polarizing lens:

This is one of my favorite stills, from my own practice sessions-
Taken in Chula Vista / Summer 2009

Live performance and other recorded edits:

Video Edits



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