Psychic Tv

36″ high / 28″ wide / 12″ in-depth
Large-scale collage piece: Budda head (solid mahogany), vintage television, and toy horse.
Photographed by Missi Sampson at the Ché Café Collective in San Diego at UCSD.

The name of the piece comes from a band called Psychic TV, front woman, Genesis P.Orridge was born Neil Andrew Megson and was previously in Throbbing Gristle. Highly political and always controversial, Genesis consistently pushes the boundaries of social behavior and conventional thinking.

Gender identity – Transformation: psychologically and sexually: re-design the mind.
Create a different design: the behavior of attitude.

August Fin ||| Loin ||| Sonic Nurse ||| Femme de Freud ||| Doppler Effect

Mixed Media:
Choice ||| Dixie’s Box ||| Psychic Tv ||| Paper Collage


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