Eyeball Burp is a bi-annual art zine based out of Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2008 by artists A’misa and Alex Chiu. Issue 6 includes 24 full color pages. The zine began as and still is a small press publication, xeroxed and hand distributed internationally.

I was asked to contribute to the zine, “TIME Vs.” is what I came up with. This single image was created by combining three separate paper collage images- then fussing them together digitally, while playing around with scale and proportions.

“TIME Vs.”

For more information on EyeBall Burp, view the works of other artists included, or purchase; check out the Eyeball Burp Blog. Cover Art for Issue 6 by Alex Chiu.

Other artists include from this issue include: Joel Kaneshiro, Copio, Cosmic Nuggets, Zigendemonic, Nick Knudson, Scott Aicher, Diela Maharanie, A’misa Chiu, Sarah Abramson, John Thomason, Daisuke Okamoto and Leah Stephens.




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