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“This is it, the final Makeout!
Thats right, on the 3 year anniversary of weird, this is the last installment!!
Happening Thursday, April 18 at Whistle Stop Bar

We are super excited Maniqui Lazer will be playing!! After an extended hiatus, this trio of weirdos,  98713iuhqw
originally from Mexicali, is just beginning to freak people out in person again. Their mix of experimental electronic dance-punk has already made a mark on the face of subculture and they are back in full force! Members include Valentin Torres of Vampire Slayer and Jung Sing, the wildly drummer of the now disbanded All Leather. Jung and Manaqui Lazer bassist Rodo also play in a band called Black Cells.

We are also very pleased Machino will be part of the night! – A previous member of the post hardcore band Mae Machino and the DJ duo Loud Noises. His electronica offerings have hit Beatport’s charts more than once. We are looking forward to his experiments!


The three amigos of Moonshake will be manning the DJ booth into the night! These are the cats that ran the long running Moonshake parties at Kadan, before the bar closed down. Lee Reynolds, Mark E. Quark, and Dazzla are masters of dance party shenanigans!! Prepare for “an adventure into future disco, spacey house, and techey grooves!” –Bobby Bray SD Reader



Art by: Acamonchi & Invisible God || Video by Ego War || Hand-made locally made jewelry by: Serene Collection, Found Pieces and RockBox || + limited edition MW t-shirts will be available! || NO COVER || 21+ || Like Makeout Weird?!  || FB Event Page


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