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Vampire Slayer, Late Nite Howl, Marcelo Radulovich, and Monsterpussy

An eclectic, transborder lineup fills The Void in City Heights ||| By Chad Deal

“A few days ago, I posted a blog heralding the return of resurrected Mexicali dance/noise punk icons Maniqui Lazer to San Diego on Wednesday, March 6 at The Office.

Core member Valentin Torres aka Vampire Slayer will be in town a few days prior on Sunday, March 3 headlining an eclectic lineup at The Void (3519 El Cajon Boulevard –City Heights – formerly Eleven).uyf876r97tfckhg

Oscillating between psychedelic bangers, piebald-noise freak outs, and impressionistic dronescapes, Vampire Slayer pioneers uncharted territory with brazen abandon.

Pablo Dodero, frontman of defunct Tijuana post-hardcore/screamo (but not in the shitty way) band Mae Machino, has been playing spacious folk tunes under the alias Late Nite Howl for the pas few years.As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Dodero’s self-recorded debut Late Nite Howl EP evokes Syd Barrett circa Madcap Laughs, a minimalist Nick Drake, and the more haunting aspects ofMark Kozelek.

Santiago, Chile-born experimentalist Marcelo Radulovich (Playground Slap, Nicey Nice World), now located in San Marcos, used nothing but an Apple music player and iPods apps to compose his recent La Mano Ponderosa

“I’m fascinated with the world of apps, and I see the iPod as a revolutionary sort of musical instrument, providing countless versions of lapsteel guitars, basses, drum machines, pianos, theremins, and weird noise manglers,” Radulovich told Reader contributer Jay Allen Sanford in December.”


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