Daily Archives: June 6, 2012

w0rkf0rce is a mysterious band, which does not play very often. Organized by Matt Lorenz, the group has an unknown number of band members which can include row beaht, #FFFFFF, spy-cu, filus-b, snoutmaster, cinco gasserz, kingu kongu, agente naranja, and beer hunter. Wearing invented uniforms known as snouts, the band seems to culture jam the idea of a band performing a show, somehow toying with the idea that work (or a lack there of) in a capitalistic society distracts us from true human potential, or revolutions? They sound something along the lines of Men’s Recovery Project and their origins date back to an earlier wave of weird in San Diego. There really is nothing like them and we are extremely pleased to have them grace the Whistle Stop! They will be doing more than one set during the course of the evening, we think. Check out their videos on their website!

From the DJ booth, strange sounds, dance sounds, and unknown smells will emanate.

The walls of the Whistle Stop will display works by Stephanie Lie, who recently set up the There Goes the Neighborhood extravaganza with collaborators. Also work by Mexican multimedia artist Pablo Stanley will be up.” –Bobby Bray

21+ // FREE!!
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