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Wake up early.
Moments of self reflection, realization and appreciation.


Hunt & Gather has been a consistent positive driving force in my life for the last three years. Owners Lee Reynolds and Zoe Crenshaw are an awesome pair. These two carry a flair for future fashions and music and are both talented with an array of skills. Lee and Zoe have been friends of mine for years – I began working at H&G shortly after it opened. I am ecstatic to be a part of this unique shop and so proud of my friends for creating such an awesome idea.

Hunt & Gather’s 3 year anniversary is on Saturday May 19th!!! For more information on the party check out the FB Event page here.

“A vintage boutique reminiscent of shops in San Francisco, Notting Hill and New York, Hunt & Gather brings locals an incredible selection of garments and accessories as well as reconstructed vintage items.” –Discover SD

Some local designers who currently have their work in the shop include: Found Pieces, Grammatique, Juju, Pop Rock, and The Serene Collection.

Oakland based artist/musician Billy Sprague currently has art work for sale at Hunt & Gather as well as a V/A sampler tape from his label Sanity Muffin. This 90 minute tape is filled to the brim with sounds from: Odd Nosdam, Kraanium, Perpeteia, Hondo, Travis Wyche, Drape, A.C. Way, Torture Corpse, Hondo+Galena on the A-side and Lissom, Bre’r + Odd Nosdam, Engines, Naked Lights. Jims, Selaroda, Gears, Galena, Born To Kill & Gog on the B. A lush full color double sided fold out insert with art by Chicago’s font & gnome mastermind Hydeon.

Sprague’s current musical projects include Naked Lights and solo/duo recordings under the name Galena. As an artist he is recently fixated on graphite, india ink and mural work; attracted to naturally found textures, shapes and patterns, most work is based on dreams and the fusion of psychedelic mutated formations within imaginative natural environments.

Other artist’s who currently have work on display at Hunt & Gather are Kandice Guzman and Gil Dominguez.

Musical selections for Hunt & Gather’s 3 year anniversary party include Blackass, Mikey Lion, Jon Doss, and Lee Reynolds. Lee aka Dr. Indulgent recently won a mixtape contest to play at Lightning in a Bottle art and music festival in Irvine at the end of May.

Hunt & Gather offers men’s and women’s vintage, new and up-cycled clothing, accessories, vinyl, art and more. It is located at 2871 University Avenue and is open seven days a week. You can vote for Hunt & Gather in CityBeat’s makeover contest here.