Lucille Ball is an iconic american woman. Lately I have been delving into her first television series, I Love Lucy. I remember watching these episodes as a child, now obviously time has passed and my perspective has changed. As an adult I have a new-found respect for her comedic edge, fashion choices, and content. Below I posted my favorite episode, which is insanely surreal! Totally amazing. Found this on youtube so that I would be able to share. Surprisingly enough, CBS actually has the show up online for free if you’re a little too broke to splurge and by the dvd’s. Below the first video is an episode of The Three Stooges where she appeared, it’s entitled “Three Little Pigskins” and was made in 1934, before she had her famous red locks.

By 1962 Lucielle Ball was the first woman to head a major studio, Desilu Productions. She later sold it in 1967 to Charles Bluhdorn of Gulf+Western. The company was first called Paramount Pictures but was later renamed Paramount Television which is now CBS Television Studios.

Here’s a clip from her later series, The Lucy Show-

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