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Lucille Ball is an iconic american woman. Lately I have been delving into her first television series, I Love Lucy. I remember watching these episodes as a child, now obviously time has passed and my perspective has changed. As an adult I have a new-found respect for her comedic edge, fashion choices, and content. Below I posted my favorite episode, which is insanely surreal! Totally amazing. Found this on youtube so that I would be able to share. Surprisingly enough, CBS actually has the show up online for free if you’re a little too broke to splurge and by the dvd’s. Below the first video is an episode of The Three Stooges where she appeared, it’s entitled “Three Little Pigskins” and was made in 1934, before she had her famous red locks.

By 1962 Lucielle Ball was the first woman to head a major studio, Desilu Productions. She later sold it in 1967 to Charles Bluhdorn of Gulf+Western. The company was first called Paramount Pictures but was later renamed Paramount Television which is now CBS Television Studios.

Here’s a clip from her later series, The Lucy Show-


Tristane Shone is severe DIY.

“A former engineering and robotics student who channeled his love of metal (the music) into unique, custom-built instruments made out of metal (the material). The results are a clusterfuck of doom, electronic and dub” – Vince Neilstein

Mostly known for his one-man industrial doom and drone metal under the guise, Author & Punisher. He recently performed at the
La Jolla Athenaeum, for the San Diego Art Prize Opening which is funded by the San Diego Visual Arts Network.
The La Jolla Athenaeum is a nonprofit membership library – devoted exclusively to music and art, has an outstanding and ever-expanding collection of books, periodicals, reference material, compact discs, videocassettes, DVDs, sheet music, and librettos. The library is open to the public five days a week-

Tristan played an unusual set for this night, titled “Mute/Gate/Dither” which involved 6 other performers including: Judith Pedroza, Marilia Maschion, Braden Diotte, Sam Lopez, Bobby Bray, and Jason Begin. Totally steam punk situation, “focused on a set of voice-modulating masks..alongside piano. The masks physically influence the performer through both electromechanical and passive means, while still maintaining a fully acoustic nature.” Black and white photos below taken by Robert MacGregor, the others I took which are of the gallery space.

Author & Punisher will be releasing a new album ‘Ursus Americanus’ -out April 24th 2012 on Seventh Rule! He will also be going on a west coast spring tour! Check out the tour dates here.