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Trish Keenan, singer of English electronic band Broadcast, died January 14th of pneumonia which was brought on from the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu. She contracted the virus recently while on tour in Australia.

Broadcast pulled me in with their 2003 release, Haha Sound . Keenan’s soft voice would roll around in my head for days like an endless echo. Now reminiscent, the tracks from this album bring me of a different time not so long ago when I felt more pressure and confusion from life. I always found comfort in the upbeat, spacey sounds of Broadcast. Thank you Trish for your sharing your thoughts, emotions, and spirit. RIP

Below are Keenan’s thoughts on her own art:

“BROADCAST VISION – memory music The Broadcast vision is the meeting of human emotion in the electronic world. The optimistic belief in the compatibility of man and machine. A nature and nurture approach to music. The potential of folk, nursery rhyme and electronica to provoke memory and imagination. The past set in the future. A retrospective lyric set in an electronic description of an organic world.

THE LYRICS I repeat myself. I believe that through this unconscious repetition, I have been leaking messages to myself for years. Two words have come up again and again for me. These two words feature in a number of my songs and I have not realized it until now. The words are let go. I have been telling myself to let go for years. So much so I am claiming ownership of them. They are my words. I refuse to let go of them. They are going to be my reminders to let go. Perhaps my epitaph.

The lyrics of Tender Buttons were generated through automatic writing. They are my free falling thoughts. I believe that words have their own life. That if you throw words together randomly, they naturally make sense. Language just wants to be understood. “

Broadcast’s website: